amanda la fatale feminization school academy

Amanda La Fatale Feminization Academy, the Ultimate Submission

With more then 10 years of real time experience I welcome you to the Amanda La Fatale Feminization/Sissy Nyc Academy. For those who want to fully explore their sexuality & feminine side in a safe and private setting, I present a new curriculum designed to set you free.  My main objective is to liberate those who are curious and feel repressed from their true inner desires.

So many of us are living our lives seeking to gain control and climb the ladder of corporate America. The stresses of everyday life and the need to dominant others is often our sole focus when all we truly want is to let go and to be free to explore our hidden true desires. In my experience, the ultimate submission is when I transform my kinksters from displaying their strong modern exterior into exploring their vulnerable selves whose sole purpose is to pursue their sense of femininity & obedience. This and this alone is the symbol of true service to unleash your fragile inner self and to surrender to me as your Goddess. 

I am here to assist in guiding you to seek out your true self as the free individual that you truly are. I cater to each individual needs and desired Feminization transformation.

Word Definition:

  • FEMINIZATION: The fact of gaining feminine features. The phenomenon manifests itself at the individual level, and at the historical level as well. At the individual level it turns a man to a shemale or a ladyboy and he ends up gay or not (he can also remain hetero and be attracted to he-females, or be bi). At the historical level it has to do with the emergence of feminine priorities in the world, and with the global increase of the ordinary (rather than political) power of women.
  • CROSSDRESSER: A person who dresses in clothes normally only associated with the opposite gender. A man who dresses in womens clothes is a male to female (MtF) crossdresser, a woman who dresses as a man is a female to male (FtM) crossdresser. Crossdresser is often synonymous with the term transvestite and both only refer to the clothes a person is wearing without making any comment on which gender the person acts as (this is related to transexuality or transgenderism) or their sexuality.
  • EFFEMINATE: Having characteristics never associated with manliness or men. Not necessarily feminine or womanly. (How many women do you know who lisp, flutter their wrists, make prissy lips, and prance?
  • SISSY: A boy or man who enjoys  girls clothing. Especially slutish clothing. Lots of frills. Not always straight or gay. Likes to be treated like a Female. Likes Heels Shoes and Woman Panties and Stockings.

        The feminization curriculum is designed to fit each individuals needs and desires. This program is only for those who are willing to further explore beyond their experiences in a journey that will illuminate not only your life but the world we live in today. Here you will find a freedom of expression and experience in which you and I can elevate the level of comfort and acceptance in your transformation in Forced Feminization or Sissy Training & beyond. At the core of my curriculum is my lifecoach training which I will provide advice, techniques, preparation, dress up, etiquette protocols and lessons on how to be comfortable with your feminine side & desires. Each program is designed differently accordingly to each of your needs & duration of training....prices may vary.

For more information you can contact me via email or phone text 917-688-8253 .
Take a chance and lets explore this beautiful journey together.  You are not alone.