Amanda La Fatale : Fetish life Coach/ Domina/hypno

Creating a Higher Level of Intimacy Without Limitations.

I am Mistress Amanda La Fatale and I am here to set you free. My mission is to purge society of their constrained relationship with sexuality and to generate awareness & acceptance of the BDSM community.  I believe my services allow individuals to live a fuller life thus impacting the levels of intimacy within their own personal relationships. With Over 10 years of experience in many aspects of BDSM.

Are you currently at a point in your life where the repression of your true sexual desires has reached a breaking point?  Do you feel trapped and afraid of what others might think? Are you enslaved by your own need to conceal your  turn-ons from self and others because of upbringing or misplaced embarrassment? Do you know what your interest are but do not feel liberty and comfort to express it to others? 

 The “Sexual Revolution “ of the 60's sparked the possibility of having freedom to explore ones own sexual identity. However, BDSM to date has not garnered the acceptance it so rightly deserves within the realm of sexual expression. I am here to assist in guiding you to seek out your true self as the free individual that you truly are. I cater to each individual needs and desired