Happy Sunday

To all the dedicated and disciplined runners preparing to meet the challenge of the NYC Marathon this Sunday. I so admire your efforts in attempting to complete 26 long miles. On my best day I could not hold a candle to you extraordinary athletes. But I must also commend the thousands of spectators who support your efforts, cheering loudly for hours upon hours encouragingly. That is truly a wonderful relationship. The athlete on his quest, stepping up his game for his faithful followers and his own self esteem. The wonder of that relationship. Let us take a lesson from their example and make our D/s lifestyle into a marathon instead of a sprint which it all to often can become. So my precious little submissive get ready to run for I'll be not far behind. Not exactly cheering you on, but definitely giving you well deserved encouragement. It may sting a little but you've a long way to go.

Be free my kinksters and let the power of language take its course.