The Greatest Miracle

The Greatest Miracle.                My loving kinksters and to all my most adorable subservient submissives of all genders first of let me wish every single one of you a very happy peaceful Thanksgiving full of joy and love.

I am clearly aware that I have been somewhat neglectful of you the past several months. But I have not abandoned you. You see I have been blessed with not just one life inside of me but two. Yes I have brung two beautiful children into the world, from which motherhood will become my greatest role. So you see I had to prioritize my agenda these last several weeks. So although I've been somewhat neglectful I have in no way abandoned you. I have been told by fine medical minds that I am in a great recovery mode health after labor and soon I will conduct my usual activities. Wonderful news for us all. So I hope to be seeing and sharing with all of you our wonderful lifestyle joyous Kinkplay. You must understand that Domination is in my blood and nothing is ever going to change that. Actually the prospect of motherhood has turned me into a lioness with an innate ferocity that will scare the pants or I should panties off of the lowest submissive. Be prepared do not make me angry. I am going from Princess to Queendom and I intend to take you with me!

My thirst for Domination can not be quenched. So nothing is going to stop me from continuing my journey. So I now demand and expect my little sissies and slaves to get in line for appropriate instructions and behavior modification. Oh it is so wonderful to be back. Didn't you miss me? Of course you did!

As  I embark and embrace my new role of parent I will also aspire to grow as a Superior female. I will need more devoted and attentive submissives to evolve with me. Opportunities exist for sincere subservient slaves to serve in genuine slavery and transformation.