Nyc it is wonderful to be home. May I take a moment to have a Dominant chat with my most precious submissives who so politely and bravely cooperated fully in our wonderful real life experiences. You know by now what a Dominant chat is. I'm sure you remember. For those of you who haven't had a first hand in person chat with me I'll be generous and share it with you. You see I go about my business chatting and lecturing and explaining. All the while demeaning you as you most politely listen in a very embarrassing position. Get the picture. Not quite. You see I also have you silenced. That could be with any type of mouth silencing apparatus. Use your imagination. But my favorite way of silencing my loving sad submissive is with a nice long piece of anatomy belonging to one of my male minions. They could be Dominant or submissive. It depends on my mood. But it is quite effective. My subby listens quite attentively and does not utter a peep. It is also wonderfully amusing. I'll show you one day. That's if your not frightened.You see I strut around like an Empress really giving subby the business. Occasionally I acknowledge the minion, which is awfully humiliating for my subby. You should see when I have a Dominant woman there. Poor subby. That's when it gets really interesting. I know you can handle this and more importantly we both know you need this treatment. It is who you are and why you came to me. Anyway I am fully aware that when I suit up and take the field as a Dominant I can be a fierce fiery competitor. For I take no prisoners and accept all challenges. You my subs would have it no other way. You are the best and deserve the best. In the year to follow I will work harder and strive to improve on my role as a Supreme Dominant. So that when I engulf you, like a python restraining its prey, you will be completely devoured by my Dominance. You will be unable to escape the devastatingly degrading things I do to tease and torment you. Your experience in my clutches will remain in your mind well after I temporarily release you. For you know you will return. Begging will be a requirement to allow you the gift of surrender. When is the last time you cried. Well you'd better be prepared, for the price of reentry starts with tears. That is for those that have already served me in 2016. 2017 is a road I intend to pave with more hungry deserving submissives in quest of painfully great experiences. Everything I subject you to will consist of raw painful emotions. You wouldn't want it any other way. Time is the most valuable possession we as human being have... and I'm willing to give my time to everyone who is on the same page as I am and those who are already currently curious to understand how to make a difference between being inconsequential and respectful of others and as I matured I realized that the most important things imaginable is making you feel comfortable with your kink:).

let the power of language set us free this year my kinksters and be free.