Happy Labor Day

May I wish you all kinksters, submissives, and fellow Dominants alike a happy Labor Day holiday and an unofficial end of summer. Do not fret as the seasons of autumn and winter approach for as harsh and as unforgiving as they can be they complete the four seasons of our being. Plus I assure you I will be there to assist you in times of need. I think you may even enjoy the hardships. With that being said may I ask your generosity in remembering and recognizing the tremendous efforts of the labor movements not just of this nation but of the nations throughout the world that have improved working conditions for labor and continue to do so. As it is not perfect we must admit, we have made tremendous strides since chaining children to machinery, and locking woman in clothing factories such as the Triangle Shirtwaist factory. The deadliest industrial disaster in New York City history. Many have suffered and perished in the just cause of earning a living. I am so blessed to be working and earning a living in the world of Kink and Domination because of the wonderful hard working individuals who are from all walks of life uniting our experiences and enhancing each other's lives. Trained experts would tell you that high pressured captains of industry submit to the Dominant for the need of freedom and escape. Does the working individual deserve any less. Of course not. So on this Labor Day I not only salute the hero of the nation the working man/woman for their labor and efforts daily but for what they have achieved historically through out the world.

Be free my kinksters and let the power of language take its course.