Jose Fernandez

The sudden and devastating loss of Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez #16. He performed his craft with the skill of a surgeon and the enthusiasm of a youthful child. I watched the sad faces and listened to the moving words of his teammates and baseball executives. I'm so touched by the depth and leadership of this young man of talent. I've heard he fled Cuba several times until finally securing freedom in America. That he spoke constantly of how precious freedom was and how people born into freedom don't value it as much or understand how it is to not have it. His friends say being an internationally known star, which he was. Of course everyone knew Jose, but he also knew everyone. The man was not just a wonderful athletic performer but a leader and voice for freedom. Not just the Miami Marlins but the world has lost a great teammate, friend and leader. This young yet larger than life figure will be so very missed.

Be free my Kinksters and let the power of language take its course.