To Be Free...

Hello my Kinksters ...Enter my empire and I will set free your natural emotion of submission. You know you have it. It has always been there. That is why you look and linger at my portraits,read my words, understand my thoughts. But to be complete, to feel whole one must not only acknowledge ones innate desires. One must responsibly act on them. So one may expand and continue to grow. The sub needs to share his submission not suppress it. It does not leave the body like that of the common cold. It is as much a part of you as your personality and as normal as the smile on your face. Embrace your submission and I will enslave your inhibitions. You know it is there and you know I am here. Neither of us are going away. Introduce me to your submission and we will open up a vein of richness and vitality that will cleanse your soul of guilt and longing. I invite you to enter my Empire. You as a sub are already polite, gentle, and respectful that goes without saying. Your only requirements are to worship and adore. I will handle the rest. In my hands you will become a fine work of art. You won't recognize yourself. You will live and breath the rarified air of the D/s relationship. With the proper chemistry it can take your breath away. The sky is truly the limit for the lowly submissive in Amandas Empire.

That said let the power of language set us free my Kinksters. Y