May I make a note of some importance to me. On this date of Sept. 1,1939. I know that seems a lifetime ago but in the scheme of this vast universe it is but the blink of an eye. On that day tragically a bloodthirsty and ruthless dictator of a powerful nation sent its military to invade a smaller nation commencing the greatest and most violent conflict in the history of our planet. Costing the lives of millions. Not to mention the maimed and suffering. As well as what I feel to be the saddest causality the war orphan.World War 2 began that day and culminated almost six years later opening the atomic age with weapons of mass destruction. There is no memorial in this country remembering this date nor should there be. I name no countries, no leaders. I am not political. I am spiritual. Which is why I point out this all but unfortunate anniversary. I wish to take this time to remember all the souls that would ultimately and sadly be affected by the  events of that historic day. Had only different decisions been made. Who knows. My spiritualism and love of humanity is of paramount importance to me. I hope I was able to share this with you. For the lost should never be forgotten.

Be free my kinkster and let the power of language take its course.