Desires in your Bucket list?

Hello my kinksters it's been a long time.. I missed writing to you. I have a lot of great things and projects cooking up for you to experience and enjoy. I'm excited to say soon I will share with you all that I've been working on and planning for you. But today I want to ask you what is inside your taboo- free kink bucket list?

As a lifestyle kinkster that I am I usually do what I desire without the restrictions that society tries to put on me. But I often come across a lot of vanilla people or even kinksters who have deep desires to try things out when it comes to kink but just never had the courage to even say it out loud... That saddens me,  so today I have decided to ask you my fellow kinksters or newbies what is your Taboo-free bucket list? Think of it as if your gone tomorrow from this planet what will you want to say you did or tried in the kink area of your life? What if your free to do and express all your desires and have the opportunity to have them fulfilled, what will be in your Bucketlist? 

That said be free my kinksters and let the power of language take its course.