I love kink, I champion kink

Hello my kinksters as many of you may know I'm currently recovering from a car incident as well as trying to get ready for 2nd part world tour... Many family members, friends and submissive have asked me how I do it? How can I have the inner strength and courage to pick myself up from such a tragic situation? That question has made me dig deeper into my life and look at my past and has made me realize from my life experiences that for a young girl to lose parents is such a tragedy but then to compound the grief by having to navigate herself through the shelter system of New York can and often does lead to complete despair. Finding something to latch on to. A ray of light, a glimmer of hope. How does one go about that? I believe it's two fold. It starts from within. Not just a desire but a real positive belief that I will control the situation, the situation will not control me. That is when the Dominant started to show its ferocious head. For I would not wallow in self pity or sadness I would  conquer not just what lay in front of me but all that cross my path. I will not be denied. With my attitude positive I looked ahead and now searched for my destiny.  

As Men and woman saw my strength felt my energy  Not in the conventional way. They willingly and longingly asked me, no begged me to take them, lead them and liberate them into slavery yet free them from the dungeons of guilt and isolation they and society have placed them in. Coming to terms that I was born Dominant and kinkster not made. I can taste the kink in my mouth, feel it in my bones. My subs see it radiate from my eyes and feel the heat steaming from my body. Like lava teaming from a volcano. I never erupt, the passion of the kink just keeps bubbling in side me until I am on fire and my submissive melts and becomes puddy in my hands. Until his submissive being has come to fruition.

Being strong in character and maintaining a tremendous love of self and humanity. I believe the universe to be wonderful and warm. That man is looking for that love in personal contact. A different kind of contact felt only by the sting from the Dominants commanding hand. A love that brings the sub to utopia by lowering him to the depths of humility. There is good and evil in the world but I believe man is not evil. He is in need of support, openness. So I through kink and Domination can help him shed his cloak of societal discomfort and bring an element of tranquility to his being. But the wisdom I have acquired at this young age yet in my manny years of Domination is that it is far easier to love and share, to connect with the intensity of kink then to ever go down the path of evil. It  is also much more rewarding to have loved mankind then to abhor it. I am the fortunate one. Coming from modest means and overcoming the unfortunate hand I was dealt hasn't brought me to the kingdom but gave me the wisdom to chose the right path.

I receive such joy when my sub has completed all tasks and served beyond his expectations that he looks as if he was reborn. More alive then when he entered my domain. Unaware of what exactly would transpire but fully knowing the submissive genie was going to be set free and would never again suffer in suffocation in the bottle of shame. I love kink, I champion kink but most of all I truly have a knowledge and understanding of kink. My spirit is powerful and yearns to be free, free to share experiences with whom ever I am blessed to touch. I pray in some way I have touched you my kinksters.

Be free my kinksters and let the power of language take its course.