Hit and Run...but we won't give up. We are strong woman!!!

Hello my kinksters

Recently as I am recovering from a tragic hit and run car accident that took place in the streets of Bronx New York... I have time to reflect on things and circumstances in wish I have been thru. Together with Mistress KlaraManson a gorgeous, beautiful smart dominatrix sister as she also got hit by the same car as I did. I realized how precious life is and how insensitive people on this earth can be. The driver who hit both of us while we were walking in a not busy streets at 1am just drove off and left us on the hard cold pavement floor of New York.

We need to be as humanly and loving as possible... We need to care for others. All I remember was crawling to mistress KlaraManson and hugging her telling her I love her and that she is going to be are going to get thru this horrible incident. Shorty after the cops arrived and the ambulance took us to the emergency room... With us was mistress ElToro a strong beautiful mistress who hold her self together thru everything and made sure KlaraManson and myself were breathing and Alive ... What brave, strong woman we all are to have witness and live such a tragedy and still make sure we comfort eachother. 

I'm sharing this with you because I want to give a big thank you hug to everyone who somehow helped another human being in a any situation. People like us with a great heart have a purpose in life to make the world a better place one step one human being at a time.

Thanks to everyone who showed love and support and mistress KlaraManson, Ariana, and ElToro thank you ass well for in all of us human beings lies a warrior, an angel and a goddess.

I have had that traumatic experience but in retrospect I have encounter within myself a strong sense of living a purposeful meaningful extraordinary life and I promise you I will do the impossible to create a better loving accepting world with full force.

Together with all females/dominatrix/ mistress sisterhood all over NYC and the world we will create a amazing force changing people's lives and our own to enhance the quality of life we live in now. I'm grateful mistress KlaraManson and mistress El toro and myself made it out alive.  

Thank you all for reading my blogs and let the power of language set us free my kinksters.