10 day kink play marathon with me in NYC.

Hello my kinksters.

Today I had a marathon kink play day at the Parthenon in NYC... Wow I had a amazing time with every individual that came and surrendered to me while letting me into their own individualized inner truth self and desires ;)  I would also like to share how I missed my home town NYC and the kinksters within and omg it is great to be back. As I was enjoying my nirvana experience playing thru-out the day and the hours passing by without judgements, restriction, limitations... I realized that  Experiences  were being made with each individual that came and played with me today ... Allowing us a welcoming space to create all I wanted to create further more granting the submissive at the moment to truly be free with no judgements or shame in their natural need for kink play. I felt so grateful for my city, admirers and kinksters. 


Only having 10 days left in NYC before continuing my part 2 of my world tour for Freedom of Sexual Expression & Repression I decided to have 10 days straight of marathon play. My wish is to have AT LEAST 6 hours straight Per Day of  non-stop kinky play. Reason why I decided this 10 day kink-play marathon is because I always felt immense power, transformation and almost as if I was in a different dimension each time I play for so many hours straight ( even if it was with different submissives) I feel the other person whose in front of me in a deeper level. I listen to stories, needs, curiosity and wants allowing myself to become more aware of why I love my lifestyle the way I do. I'm very grateful for everyone who comes to me to liberate themselves and allows me to channel their energy in the direction they truly desire.

So come and join me in this 10 day NYC marathon and let the power of kink play set each and every one of us free my kinkster. 😘. Kinksters make sure to book  your session and be part of this journey.

All the tributes/ Donations received during the 10 days kinky marathon in NYC will be used for the second part of my world tour on "Freedom of Sexual Expression & Repression" 2016.

Together we can make a difference. Be free my kinksters and let the power of language take its course.