Happy 4th

 Che Guevara ( 1928-1967) born  in Argentina .  a world known revolutionary, who fought in liberation of many countries believing in liberation of humanity stated in his New York 1964 interview

"Some moments in revolution that are considered actions and things of crazy people ... Behind every war, protests ,rally's, revolution is in fact driven by someone who was considered in conclusion  by society to be " crazy" but being crazy led to seized power, so Che said in his conclusion that in order to gain power, one must be somewhat "crazy" or at least not be afraid of what will be the outcome.  Fear is your friend not your enemy, my Kinkster, it's all over history.  People just like us took a stand to believe in their own craziness, to create a new present by believing in a better future.

In Cuba 2 years ago  Mariela Castro daughter of President Raul Castro openly admitted she was a Lesbian and created a community called CENESEX also known as "International  Day Against Homophobia".   Declaring a LGBT day Parade every year on May 16th. I share this with you because just like her we can make a difference and reconstruct our paradigm of acceptance, in which our ancestors made up many decades ago and in fact are outdated. As a American Hispanic Kinkster I say to you today on July the 4th, it's time, 2016 is the year to transition from old to the new.


Today I examined all the tragedies that are happening all over the world. For example: Istanbul airport attack where we lost 45 brothers and sisters, in Orlando Florida at a gay club 53 brothers and sisters were killed, let's not forget, Paris 130 were lost and many more around the world. I have Kinksters all over the world. My intentions are to create a new foundation of trust, love and care in another level of intimacy and connection. Together we can change politics and old paradigm that where created centuries ago and are due for some change ... I dream of a world where we all share the love with no ignorance, no ego or no need for structure, other then those who needs it.  I dream of a day where everyone can openly talk about there kinks and fetishes without feeling discriminated or judged by society. Sure some of you may like the secrecy within it self, but for the most part, some of us just want to let loose and fully express ourselves.

I'm here to tell you my fellow Americans and you around the world Kinksters that it's time for a sexual revolution freedom, wether you are gay, bisexual, transsexual, into Bdsm or not, our society has to manifest through our true sexual nature and acceptance of our ability to love and support eachother with love and unity. 

I dedicate this blog today for all those who went to battle but may not have only had war with other countries but perhaps war with them selfs and found courage in choosing to be a victorious winner not a victim rising up to what is right and speaking up to make a difference . Happy Independence Day.  

Let the power of language take its course and be free my kinksters.  

 Cuba, Plaza Of The Revolution  Che Guevara 

Cuba, Plaza Of The Revolution  Che Guevara