Kink for me has always been such an outlet all thru my life. In fact I wouldn't even know where to start begin to explain how I'm deeply grateful to God the higher power for putting me in the path of Bdsm. I have gained so much knowledge freedom and experience. Honestly all these years I have so much, so much to be happy about like courage, strength, leadership, compassion, understanding of others and my self, patience for others and myself, acceptance, communities, clarity, euphoria, extacy, sadness and glory , integrity .

Honor is by far in my opinion the most important element of them all in an individual and in my self.


because if I didn't honor not only the feeling I received  at the moment of practicing Bdsm but also honor my body, mind and my soul how would I be able to honor yours or the person I am practicing the act of Bdsm at the moment of the Now with.  Like a submissive. A beautiful human being like we all are,  and has a chance to change the universe that's right because every human being has that gift it's up to each person to know it them self breaking barriers and walls to see the light the love with clarity thru Bdsm play...But back to Honor I honor each human being specially those that thru Bdsm I actually had the blessing of meeting and help change their life's small or big change I don't care about looking good or looking bad ( that's when acceptance kicks in) in fact Bdsm has so much honor in it self for instance honor the trust those who are partaking in the Bdsm practice should have in one another, the honor in courage. To go out of your comfort zone and try something new, honor the strength each person should have both physically but most importantly emotionally to be able to really express themselves and their desires to the other person. Honor in the clarity moment you may gain from Bdsm play after releasing all your social constraints and environmental cultural, religion beliefs to be able to explore more of Bdsm play. Honor compassion the level Of understanding that others do have the same feeling as you because in fact we are all energy frequency we know compassion Bdsm brings us closer together to feel one another not exactly sexually. Honor the ability Bdsm gives us to better understand others and yourself while pushing limits on the hands of those you trust, worship, love and so much more. Honor Bdsm communities we are not alone we are a force and we shall not be judged by our lifestyle we shall be able to make the changes to the rules that are invincibly written from our past ancestors. Honor sadness because as someone very wise once told me in Bdsm " pain is weakness leaving the body" so honor pain and sadness and get stronger. Honor integrity in Bdsm your word to protect and surrender to your submissive or dominant shall be your bond. Honor glory that Bdsm can provide while you transcend with another human being to another level of connection and trust that is by far a godly magical feeling... So glorify it be in the moments and Cherish them. I personally Honor the leadership that I have been able to develop and sharpen they Bdsm understanding that breaking the norm is somewhat of a leadership skill that as a Bdsm player like myself have cultivated to full force and believe in the practice.

Kink had such a wonderful affect and impact in my life that I see no other way at least for right now I understand and accept fully my identity and relationship I have with kink and I'm very happy with it. Knowing that has been the why.. The energy the reason for my stable mindset on this Bdsm path wether is through having sessions advising friends and family  bdsmlifecoaching Bdsmtravels or even a nice way to start a conversation with a total stranger I can tell you this that in fact I Amanda La Fatale was never ashamed.

Thats said let the power of language take its course my kinksters. Be free. Happy 4th of July weekend.  

P.S my heart goes out to my kinksters in turkey, stay strong.  

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