Happy powerfull Woman Mother day!!!


What if?

 I ask myself that question as I sit in my living room all dark and just a glimpse of the moon light entering what capacity meets the eye. And thinking to myself What if? What if we are not really truly in fear of letting our selves be proud of it and instead we are ashamed? But where does that shame you feel come from? Let me guess you want your privacy... Or you just don't want people to know what turns you not only a sensual being but it gives you the strength to be in a complete open steady growth of your own life intellectually. What if we just turn all of that off and just liberate all oppression, judging, leading by guilt and FEAR of what is to come next... ? 

Life is always working in our own favor, because we are all connected with nature and our fellows human beings.  For me being a part of a beautiful community filled with amazing friends people and family members of the whole wide world... You feel the connection and power of language and in a pursuit of liberations of judgement we should stand forth with our true identity of inner self. Wether it is with your significant other or family... Or coworkers even with your self. Just open something up... To elevate your ideas and creativity connection to another human being just like you and me or the person next to us... IT is for All of us.

let's  stay strong woman. Because we know what we can provide for these men and the world. Together we can change the world I love you all men woman sex change gay lesbian KINKSTERS I love you allllll now let the power of language take its course and be free my KINKSTERS!!!