This journey...


Hello my KINKSTERS. 

The countdown to my Montreal & Cuba trip is nearly here and the experience is becoming increasingly surreal as several questions cross my mind:

-    What is my purpose on this journey?

-    What do I want to bring to the world?

-    Who will I be when I return?

My main objective is to experience how other places interpret their own sense of kink and sexuality. Montreal appears to be a very liberal & welcoming environment that embraces true self expression. This should be a rewarding experience as I meet with other BDSM ambassadors in thE area. I am looking forward to applying those key learnings upon my return. 

Cuba for me is a question mark. It has existed for 50+ years cut off from the world with small liberties in terms of self expressions as well as limitations with access to the Internet and other options. I imagine a repressed culture in terms of kink but still beautiful nonetheless. 

As I look forward to these two stops on my journey, I have noticed how BDSM continues to become both more relevant and taboo in American culture- particularly in the form of entertainment. Media and entertainment are always a barometer for what is going on and relevant in pop culture. I am recently intrigued by the subtle depiction of kink in a number of recent TV programs.

One of my new favorite shows, is Billions, which includes a powerful & successful couple who incorporate kink into their own personal lives. I am encouraged by the depiction of their relationship and the true authenticity of both their level of intimacy with one another as well as their connection through BDSM. This appears to be a program that has finally captured the essence of a couples connection with one another and how BDSM can raised their levels of intimacy. 

Eventually (spoiler alert), their relationship is threatened as a high level executive & antagonist of the show threatens to reveal their lifestyle to the public via blackmail. Calamity soon ensues as the this revelation threatens to compromise their relationship & everything they have built together.

I fear this storyline is essentially a microcosm for what a lot of couples, men & women alike experience who are kinksters. On the one hand,  they know their practice of BDSM helps them to release inner desires in a healthy and safe environment. It helps to enhance levels of intimacy for couples and provides balance to those who are practitioners of the lifestyle. 

However on the other, there also exists a hidden fear, that they may one day be exposed. They live in a world where the revelation of their true selves and judgement of others has the ability to bring them down and ruin their professional and personal lives. 

What a shame that something that we all know is truly healthy form of self expressions has the ability to be called into question by others. How many of us have to live our lives in secret? Other forms of sexuality are generally accepted and yet we are judged by others? These other people who follow societies norms and suffer lives of constraint and limited beliefs. These are the individuals who suffer lives of quiet desperation. 

I ask all of my Kinksters to continued to be strong and to follow their own journey into BDSM. I urge to be an advocate for our community as I feel there is a tipping point coming in our culture where Kinksters will no longer be questioned but accepted and celebrated. 

I look forward to continuing to share my experience with the world. 

One love my Kinksters;)

Let the power of language take its course and be free my KINKSTERS.