The American Corporations 

The American corporation Society has a lot of fault in about 60% of the mental issues we the people suffer from now. All from depression,anxiety, stress and so much more. The corporation in which we give years of our lives are the first ones to judge our way of life and our desire to be free and inspirational. I consider myself one of the lucky ones that truly loves what I do for living and I wake up everyday thanking God the higher power or guardian angel or what ever your beliefs are... That I can with my work inspire humans to fully express them selves to others and significant others thru the practice of Bdsm lifestyle. 

I hate that the CEO Vice Presidents of these companies also a shoe cleaner or the delivery man......feel the need to continue putting Bdsm as a taboo or a sin or a non acceptable "behavior ". Because people like themselves, you and me get judge as not "normal ". I hate that if you like to wear female panties or paint your toe nails amongs other interest  are looked upon as weird.I understand Bdsm is not for everyone to grasp and fully manifest in there life's but I also believe that in each human being there is at least 30% kink intergrated in our subconscious but unfortunately we have no choice but to put up a front for our peers, family, neighbors, partners  and coworkers because we have fear of rejection, fear of  being judged in the worst ways and to top it all off loosing the job that feeds our family and pays our mortgage and bills. Some of us have no other choice but to cope with this life of hiding and it may even add some what of an excitement to know we have double life because the simple everyday vanilla life isn't enough. That's why so many of us  have to get away once or twice a year or maybe even send the wife's or husbands away for a week trip just to be able To fully be free, is this the life we deserve? And for  our future generations? I  suffer for you because I myself used to be one. I used to work for companies like Starbucks, T-Mobile, law firms,I even used to be a model and in all these amazing jobs that thought me some kind of skill and gained experience I was still empty and unhappy. Empty and Unhappy even though in the process of working in those jobs I had fun meeting people from all kinds of life I was still missing my true purpose in life and all together... Now I can see the difference between working and doing what you truly love in life because I don't have sessions with couples and individuals just to get a paycheck and survive ( money only has the value each individual gives it) I truly enjoy my work and craft. I see my self waking up in the morning wanting to know more about people and there needs... Asking my self how can  I help this person be the best human being thru my practice in Bdsm. I'll be brutally honest with you... If I was by any miracle the winner of a jackpot lottery ticket I would use that money to pay submissives to come and play to my dungeon. To expand my believes all over the world and to make people and couples closer together. For me the act of Bdsm kink is the act of LOVE it self. Love enough to see and connect with another human being that might feel lost and miss guided. Another human being that may be depressed because they may have been feeling no one will ever accept them for what their  true kinky desires are. 

I have seen so many disappointments and seen so many sadness and despair relationships broken and in desperation to salvage what ever is left they will go to prescription drugs and alcohol and even drugs. All because they wake up to go to work to a job they hate and a home with family who at dinner are Busy texting or gossiping on Facebook and Twitter leaving no time for personal connection let alone intimacy. Misguided by the social media.... Loosing the true identity of themselves and those who love them.   Don't get me wrong social media when used in the right direction is a great tool to get your message across on to A abroad audience but everything comes with a price. Just like working in a corporate America setting where everyone is in it for them selfs and with the stress of getting layed off tomorrow or next week because we are being replaced by machines makes us be more on edge and makes us become more mentally unstable. 

For me thru my years of experiencing this , I've learned that living in the present moment and being grateful for the food shelter clothing we provide for our family is the key to inner peace. But the true happiness relies on knowing that what you live today will be a memory tomorrow and we have the power to change anything in our lives in every second we breath every step we take because it is truly ours to embrace and enjoy the journey God has granted us. There's so many things that can be done and so many different approach to go about it. All we have to do is love listen, take a few minutes to say hi to strangers and embrace each other. We all share the same water, air, sun, moon, earth. Why do we let greed and the hunger for power and jealousy take over our true nature. In fact we are born with our own nature we are gifts to one another. Why do We let life shape in grey our outlook in life as we get older? But it shouldn't be like this. For example if a ceo of a company likes  to get tied up by a dominant woman or if a cop likes to be tickled in handcuffs or if a lawyer likes to be treated like a baby wearing diapers( keep in mind theses are examples) why should we Persue them as freaks or sick or mentally ill?? Just because they don't want to do  what in our lives is called "normal" activities.  BDSM can have greater strength socially, mentally and have greater success in allowing independence creativity than those who do not practice BDSM.  Also people who participate in BDSM play actually have higher subjective well-being, and that is be due to the fact that BDSM was also suggested to improve personal growth, romantic relationships, sense of community, sense of self, the dominants confidence, and help an individual cope with everyday things by giving them a psychological release leaving room for freedom of expression in every aspect of the individual life. 

Moving forward why are we so weak and afraid of what HR in big corporations think of our lifestyle. We are not harming or killing anyone. We are free spirited people who care so much of other individuals well beings that just like myself have sacrificed time away from family and friends to pursue the bigger purpose so why should we be haunted by our own individual pursuit. 

That said let the power of language take it's course and be free my KINKSTERS.