What is Success!



Hi my KINKSTERS I have a question for you.. What it success for you? What is your created paradigm of what success for you should be in your life? Is it graduating college? Is it getting a career? Is it getting married? Is it staying in a  community in which you or your family was raised in? Or is it getting the house of your dreams and car? Having children? Having that green paper called Money in the bank? Because for me success is doing what makes you be the best at any given moment of life.. For me success is being able to look back at life and freely say I have been thru every possible circumstances and I came out winning, winning in experiences and knowledge. Meeting people and learning in every step of the way. For me success is what each of us create to be without limitations or constrains  and restriction. To me a successful life is just having the ability to make mistakes and freely saying I can fix it or just move on to the next big idea or the next chapter and carry the lessons learned. To me success is what each of us truly deeply want out of the limited time we have on this planet, and knowing that we are able to get it. 

Some of us KINKSTERS live the life of restraint at work and at home thinking that we must look the part and if we look the part then we are Winners.. Knowing deep inside we are just acting the part and within we are suffering because we are not able to talk freely of our kink. I  Not for me.. At least not anymore I'm truthful to my own paradigm and journey in life and I'm grateful to be able to reach out to one or two people and tell you that you are a amazing human being and that you are special to me. 

 The journey of life is made up by your true desire to change the life of those who surround you and those who are far away from you without Fear.  You do that in a way that will free you from all the burden of those who are beating them and you down.

Your amazing and as a kinkster you should be proud of the knowledge you have of freedom kink provides you; even if you keep it between you and your partner or you freely spoken about it and practice the Bdsm lifestyle. You are who you are and life is what you make of it. Your special and strong and there's nothing wrong with being a kinkster. Live life and express your self because in the end nothin else matter but your happiness and the only way you can make a true positive impact in the life of others that you love is by being and accepting your true nature and way of being by accepting your true identity.


That said let the power of language take its course and be free my KINKSTERS.