Not Normal??


Who has succeeded in repressing their own desires. ? Who has lived a life full of Denial? And who has never hurt a soul but his own ?  Sure there's people in the world around you that may believe in fact that because your kinky or into Bdsm is "Not Normal" because of their own insecurities and denial to a human true nature of sexuality and desires and due to that the person who judges is in fact suffering. 

But the truth of the matter is that sexuality is the single most strongest force in human beings and in animals on this planet. And to be born with a forbidden sexuality  must be agonizing and in some cases destructive and toxic to your self and others who love you unconditionally.  In my opinion the KINKSTERS who manages to live thru life with a deep shame of his or her true desires while never acting upon it...deserves a golden metal. Someone once told me that A temptation resisted is not a Sin, but in deed is a virtue. And I lived on that for a long time but in the end I have finally realized we are creatures of life and death and thru the journey of life and experiences we make up our own temptations and desires in which case we should never be ashamed of it. 

That said let the power of language take its course and be free my KINKSTERS.