Read & Accept the Truth!


Hello my KINKSTERS readers I hope all is well in your life both personal and business. I have been very busy both having wonderful sessions and creating a new experience for us in the near future. 

That said I have been wanting and yearning to write for a long time about all I have come across in the past few weeks... So here it goes...

 I have put a lot of thought in what makes a perfect kinky life and what it is that stops us from growing and becoming our true self... Fear is to blame... the worries around us today are often the biggest threat to enflaming our true fear. They are by far the most likely to steal our motivation and destination because they often seem to be our friends. We are so close to them that their anxiety can bleed into us they may never have found the courage to abandon complacency. They are friends and family, coworkers and sometimes our significant other who glib cynics and have added little real value to the world by simply bold away at the first inkling of a challenge and resigned so miserably long ago their power and absolved of the responsibility of living a remarkable life. We must learn to control our reactions around them. We must always learn to protect our true self from being limited by those who care for us as much as by those who blatantly oppose us. 

That can be your significant other, your coworker, boss, family and friends. We are so hungry for approval from everyone around us that we forget to accept our own self and true identity. We must learn to face fear straight in the eye and say FU&K you fear. I am who I am and I'm happy and grateful for the life I have lived and chosen by doing so I am ME. 

It may seem impossible at times but all we can do is listen intently to those we trust, and be sober in our estimates of any real danger. But to those who we do not know, and who do not know  us, to those who want us to stay put in their bubble of belief about who we are and how far we can go in life, we must close our minds. We must forgive their small thinking and we must look beyond it to see a vaster horizon for ourselves. We must not Worry What Could go wrong but rather wonder what magnificent could enter our lives when we are consistently expressing our genuine selves and pursuit our true passion and embrace our  kinky desires. We must always as KINKSTERS stay true to our selves and let us Obsess about freedom, not fear. 

That said let the power of language take its course and be free my KINKSTERS.