The time is now!


The moment is Now! 

Hello my KINKSTERS let's look back at history. When good decisions and progress were made at the important crossroads of each era, there were always bold and motivated people with clear vision and sure voices. Let us be that for our generation. Let's not play deaf to the needs of the world at this moment of Bdsm and kink freedom of expression. 

As a KINKSTERS we have a advantage,  we have the ability to take a vital interest in others so that they may understand and experience the kink and fetish to another level and together with the consent of both person we contribute meaningful moments to each others lives. As KINKSTERS we communicate on a more deeper level. This realm of Bdsm demands our relationships to be more present, more attentive, and more purposeful tending than any other area of our lives.  

Think of all the wrecked relationships that could have been saved with just a few more minutes worth of time, attention, and affection with the most important consent which is trust and communication. In a modern world plagued by judgement taboo and distractions, our greatest work in becoming better KINKSTERS, lovers with our significant other is in reconnecting with those who already given us their hearts. We have to finally stop all the looking about and once more peer into the eyes of those we adore and be honest about our true kinky desires and wishes. We have to ask more question get them to open up freely and REASURING them that we will not be judging them. We must ask what would make them feel more alive and happy? How can we connect with and care for them better?  How can we make a deeper understanding of our kinky desires within our sexual orientation? 

We must begin again the great work of uplifting humankind thru the Bdsm practice.  

That said. Let the power of language take its course and be free my KINKSTERS.