About Me...


Today I  would like the topic to be about me.. About my feelings and how I relate or how I am completely confused by the challenges we as individuals are faced on a everyday basis, and how we are challenged in our regular life with our hidden identity as  KINKSTERS. 

Listen up... This will be about the 3rd week I don't have a marathon of sessions and keep in mind it's all because I'm focusing on getting my content and production in order for you  my admirers and submissive's to enjoy. 

It's not easy for me as a lifestyle mistress to not attend to my emails and calls or even text messages that you send me due to the inconvenience of time and how limited my hours are during the day. (I hate the power time has). I miss playing I miss the personal connection and interactions I have thru my sessions wether it is a couples session, feminization or even a life coach session and much more which I am not going to give details about.... But being in this state of need and hunger makes me wonder and even feel sad because how can a person like me who has Bdsm as a outlet be somehow deprived and be so unhappy and sad because I don't have that KINK FIX I so desperately need. Again keep in mind it's all due to my focus on my production. 

All I can think of is you and you and even you!! You the one who will surrender everything to make me feel full of life and power, you who will and is willing to take time out of your business travel, working schedule, or even family time schedule to come and see me if and only if I wish. You who are willing to do the impossible to be everything and more in order to just see me smile and trust me to teach  you how to surrender and understand the art of submission. Why?  If I know that the answer to all my problems is kink.. Why do I keep making myself too busy for my KINKSTERS needs and wants as I am. Why is life getting in the way of my full one true version of happiness and fulfillment? Am I the only one feeling this way? Am I the only one who is feeling that this world we live in is temporary and in a blink of an eye we are gone and wonder if our sacrifices in term of keeping our kinky side silent even worth it? Our pain and confusion and sorrows are drowned by the strong suits we cultivate thru our life and journey because we have to hide. I truly want to say to you; I feel your pain and suffering, I understand even as open as I am of my lifestyle I still have to incorporate the "vanilla" lifestyle in my life. I dream of a world where we are free. Where we can fully express our selfs and how We truly believe in the art of Dom/Sub kink and what it can offer each individual who partakes in the activities and what I have to offer. 

That said let the power of language take its course and be free my KINKSTERS.