Who the F$ck Cares!!


Today I want to talk about devoted decision we make everyday from the smallest to the most important decisions. 

How these crazy, out of the box,unexpected decision affect us on our everyday life. 

From the moment we decide to enjoy seafood better then meat... Or how we decide how good we feel when we go to the gym at least 2 times a week sometimes 3. We also decide what we feel is normal for our own life or those around us depending on the environment you are in. One thing I have been giving thought to is how can we as masters of our own life decide to go vanilla in our life and journey of sexuality? Why and how did we decide that spanking or blind fold is wrong or forbidden? Why do we think if we like the scent of panties is wrong? You know where I'm going with this... right? 

I would like to share the Truth with you....

Here it is : WHO THE FUCK CARES! 

It doesn't matter what you like sexually or non sexually it's your life and you are not dehumanizing or making someone else unhappy .. As a matter of fact your doing the opposite; your actually helping yourself and the person who consent to indulge in the kink Bdsm play and are liberating each other from suppression and oppression to what we call " NORMAL" now a days. But I do believe one day we will be able to go on a first date with someone and be honest about your kinks likes and dislikes. Imagine how many hours, headache and heart breaks it will be saving us. 

I believe that one day we will be able to be completely honest with one another enough to be truthful to our inner selfs and those who we are interested in without any guilt from our selfs  and judgement from those we share it with. The day will come where we are all 100% truthful to who we really are without FEAR of any kind. 

That said let the power of language take its course and be free my KINKSTERS.