Let's talk.... Pursuit

Tonight I would like to talk about the dedication pursuit. 

It is in my own knowledge that to achieve and sustain Personal Freedom, we have to dedicate ourselves to self-mastery; we must determine and discipline our own motivation in life to be able to sustain a level of truth to our own sense of self and our own path.  

With that in mind, we needn't ever be confused about why we act the way we do. This truth is worth repeating once more, to drill it deep into our psyches so that our own actions are no longer accidental or such a frustrating mystery: because I believe that every decision and action of humankind stems from a hope to attain Personal Freedom. We all seek freedom from all hardship,pain, fear, anxiety, and want; free from oppression; free to be ourselves; free in the moment to sense surprise, spontaneity, and our own spirit also free to choose our life's course, free to pursuit our dreams and desires; free to love openly without judgement or condition or regret; free to give our time and energy and resources to causes and practices in Bdsm realm that we believe in.

That said it is the Primary motive for all our striving to be free. Keep in mind there is no veil of ease about the extraordinary effort required as KINKSTERS to be free because breaking from conformity and pursuing our own dreams and kinks will bring some discomfort.  I have learned that a vital dedication to our genuine nature and our dreams and desires will annoy people or raise the ire; it will without a doubt injure egos, step on toes, split relationship but the feeling and the spirit lift that each individual will gain will be priceless. 

That said let the power of language take its course my KINKSTERS.