I want everyone to know that I always review all your emails and text personally and i do that for the simple love and dedication i have for all human life. It doesn’t matter what statues,rank,and achievement You have. I am as human as i can be.

I understand you and also relate to your needs as a single being or a couple or simply someone who is just now realizing life has more to offer then just the regular everyday vanilla life has to give.

I enjoy this craft and the journey it has to offer with each individual... because i have realized that every individual is different.

That said i would like to share with you all this anonymous email i received from one of my admirers... people like him make it all seem sooo clear what my life is all about...its about freedom and the love and trust we have in the bdsm lifestyle . I want to say thanks to you.. You who read all my blogs and post { that in my opinion have been humbly writings} but  from me as woman that all the time has man and woman wiling to surrender and trust me with your life is very important.