Amor & Psyche..

 Today's topic is "How sex is something primeval". The space we allow it to have in our words and thoughts simply shows it to be one of our main preoccupations. We see sexual images everywhere and in this day in age sex is easily given to everyone just by a click of a button have access to thousands, hundredths of sex pornography in a internet wireless world. When we look back in time to the era of Amor and Psyche in 1757-1822 we can learn the quasi-religious representation of very early art, and the romantic illustration of the philosophy of their times. That is a fact that tells us more about ourselves and can relate to us now... The range of emotions and complexities of a relationship can be greater when restraint or pretense are necessary. So many opportunities for comedy or tragedy, for triumph or for despair are lost if sexuality  or Kink is no longer regarded as a pleasurable activity to be indulged in at will. 

In more liberal times, in fact Bdsm  is fun- not always frivolous, but not "serious" either: it is nothing to get pious about. Bdsm is light-hearted, sometimes comical, it is consider a break from cares; a delight. Everything seems so much clearer as the private laughter of those who partake in the Bdsm play , it stems from the undeniable fun of it all and although Kink is an argument always leading to the same conclusion, it seems to be the widest and most varied subject in the world starting at home with friends, family and significant others. 

That said be free my KINKSTERS and let the power of language take its course.