Why is it so hard?

Hello my KINKSTERS today I would like to talk about the choices in life we freely have as born human and the right we all carry to explore and embrace our true inner most kinky wishes and desires that really keeps us locked up in a bubble of shame, embarrassment and most importantly war with our selfs , family, play partner, work and significant other.  

Why should we stay quiet. Every person who is in America  already has a "FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION " so why do we choose to keep silent and keep suppressing ourselves and the future generations to come. It's 2016 and it's a brand new year.. I have made up my mind already that I would like to create a new possibility of liberating humanity from sexual surpression. But it all start by you and me taking a day at a time, tell your partner how you truly feel. Be honest about your desires. Please don't hold back because in the end two or more human beings will end up feeling desperately needing something that is missing  "Communication" and "Connection ".

If we only lived in a world that will accept each human being for who they truly are this world in my opinion would be a better place.  

So ask your self WHY IS IT SO HARD? Feel free to share your story. I'm here to listen.  

That said Be free my KINKSTERS and let the power of language take its course.