Tonight I would like to take to discuss the deep rooted need for acceptance that is within us all regardless of our race, religion or sexual or orientation and how that is polluted by the use of social media. 

Our current generation is on overdrive in their quest for acceptance and instant gratification. Within the realm of social media, this is now a double edged sword in the sense that we can simultaneously express ourselves across a broad audience while awaiting the likes and comments that we all desperately seek despite ourselves. This yearning for instant attention has turned us into individuals who lack the discipline and the simple minded beauty to remain present within ourselves and with the ones that we love. 

I myself am subject to this human frailty as I am aware and also troubled by my own quest for likes and followers across my face book, Twitter, Instagram and snapchat. The pressure at times to satisfy my followers can be overwhelming. 

The work that is required with keeping up with the various social outlets is labor intensive and quickly turns into a labor intensive process versus the true human expression which is the goal of these outlets. I sometimes consider the use of a social media manager, however that would not be authentic to the nurturing that is required from within myself by compromising my connection with my audience. 

I can't help but step back and consider how these various social media tools have affected our true connections with ourselves and within our relationships. It's as if we have been programmed to receive constant and instant positive reinforcement at all times and are disappointed with our partner and ourselves. We are always questioning ourselves and never fully present to the NOW. Social media in some ways has conditioned our minds to be disconnected from what is reality by developing impossible ideals and unrealistic expectations from others. 

As this relates to kink, from my vantage point this is an area that helps to both center myself and I can see that my submissive also receive the same experience. The answer is because we love the fact that we are truly vulnerable and finally present to the the true human experience. 

The necessity within our culture for instant gratification is something that is increasingly disconnecting us from our goals of achieving happiness and inner peace.  The truth is we are normal loving being by nature and all we need and want is to either dominate or surrender to the right person.  Let's create something way beyond our comprehension. 

That said be free my KINKSTERS and let the power of language take its course.