Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving.    I want to wish you all a very happy and enjoyable Thanksgiving Day. May you enjoy your loved ones, friends and family alike. I am incredibly fortunate and most very thankful to have my wonderful family, marvelous friends and truly blessed to have my submissive following. For without them I would not be complete. I also must include my dedicated hard working team who are so very responsible for me getting my passionate message out in a most professional and dignified way. Where would I ever be without them.            I believe the words and meaning of "Thanksgiving" are so poetic that it fits our D/s world like a glove. If you have ever witnessed a devoted submissive surrender his body and mind in secession it is a wonder of sacrifice that I am so very thankful to receive. In turn my luscious little subs show such gratitude and grace enduring their painful exploits that every time we share we are giving and in return thanking each other. I experience that warm appreciative feeling every day because of the generosity from my submissives. They trust me to care for and handle the identity that they have concealed from the world. Once I have identified that individual crying to climb out of the soul of the sub I decide how to deal with it. Dormant in my little subby there could be a naughty little girl in great need of punishment or a promiscuous tramp to be used and abused, or my pet in for much needed training. There are a litany of possibilities. But I am most thankful to have the opportunity to decide. My submissives are thankful to have finally been liberated. A most happy Thanksgiving everyday is a possibility in Amandas Empire.