Veterans Day 11/11/2016.    At the eleventh hour on the eleventh day of the eleventh month in the year of our lord 1918 what eventually would become to be known as World War One came to its conclusion. Originally starting as the Guns of August this first technical and mechanized use of warfare proved most effective and efficient that it became known as the Great War. Not for its wonder of course but for its magnitude. It was the most horrific conflict of its time and justifiably became known as the war to end all wars. How so very unfortunate for us that we clearly did not learn from the horrors of war we just perpetuated them. I say us, I mean we, for mankind is responsible for all we do on this magnificent planet. Barely a generation after its conclusion we started it all over again with World War 2 culminating with the atom bomb. I hope and pray that we have learned from our past and create a more promising future for society. To all the souls that perished and suffered in that conflict and all the unfortunate battles that have taken place on this earth since I wish you peace and fond remembrance. For I truly believe the best way to honor the fallen is to live free and to never needlessly take human lives for granted. Please pray today for every military veteran who has served this glorious country weather their service was today or one hundred years ago. Honor is timeless.

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