Happy Halloween

Hello my kinksters  

Halloween.    I want to wish all my Devilish Dominants, Conspirators of Kink and my most favorite of all my Sublime Submissives a dark and dastardly heavenly Halloween. May you reach into the depths of your souls and free the true spirit that lies beneath. Our wonderful lifestyle of D/s almost gets absorbed into the mainstream vanilla world on this one day. For the vanilla world puts on their costumes and masks often unmasking their true inner desires. Their fantasy lasts but several hours and doesn't really live to fruition but it is the tip of an iceberg into their inner self. How most unfortunate for them. I would love to embrace their Kink and show them how the bewitching pleasure of Halloween can be experienced often with tremendous satisfaction. If only they could remove the mask of shame and embarrassment to display their real faces of sensuality and self expression. Treat me with your inner submission and I will rain a storm of Domination on you, that you'll wish everyday was Halloween.

That said be free my kinksters and let the power of language set us free.