January 13th

It's a very special day. It's the day I was born into this world and looking back at my childhood And life experience I honestly had it very good. Unconditional love from my parents, family, friends and slaves.😍😜. In my journey I am still each day learning more and more about myself and everyone, from those who are close to me to those people who are far because somehow we are all connected into one source of energy and we are all in one world called earth. 

In my life I have encountered those who are very dominant, submissive, neutral and some who are just living and going thru life. In my personal opinion it is quite often that I encounter with those beings that are able to submit and gracefully give up there true self to find pleasure and joy in doing there part to fill up with there actions, will and surrender to another persons needs, to be owned . To reach another higher level of extacy and pleasure in giving your all to your significant other, dominant, partner, domina Ect.. Is a gift we all posses and are free to express and go after that experience. 

So on January the 13th I was born to this earth, this world with many opportunities and challenges many people have been great to me and I'm very grateful for what you all have given me. The trust, the love, the courage, the worship, the belief, the experiences, the opportunities that my family, friends, submissive, sissy and slaves give me each and everyday it's a celebration of the unity that we have and I would love to share it with you. Thank you all. Be Free