Letting go and surrendering...

 First i would like to Send a very big Thank You to everyone of you who send me a beautiful note to wish me a happy New Year. 

Over the holidays I have been thinking a lot about what is the true meaning in my opinion of a submission and in my own conclusion I honestly believe Letting go of all your Wants and desires is a form of surrendering all your human necessities and just unselfishly wanting to make your Dominant / partner/ spouse happy and be everything and more for them to live a better life in which with your love and dedication will only add to their success and accomplishments and fulfillment with true happiness. 

May this year 2016 be filled with lots of joy kink and happiness to all.

P.S My birthday will be on January Wednesday The 13th and I will be celebrating it in great spirit and joy with you all at the Parthenon Rubber Studio. SEE you all soon thank you