Living a double life👯


I would like to talk about sacrifices we make as individuals who just want to be accepted in life with those who we share our time with and people around us. Most of us KINKSTERS live a double life... We are someone to our families and close friends and coworkers... Most of us put up a fasade when in reality we truly enjoy all aspects of the Bdsm lifestyle. 

It's hard to be completely honest even with those whom we share our life with like a significant other. A lot of us wonder how can we be 100% honest without being judged for our own desires. Sacrificing our own self and lying about it. Sure some of us can live with that, but most of us just feel repressed and conflicted and those feelings can turn us against our selfs concluded in a turmoil within our soul... which may cause various and numerous of complications and issues both mentally and physically Making it impossible for each individual to fully grasp what life and it's beauty can offer us. 

The need for kink in my own experience is crucial for my own individualised prosperity and joy. to be honest and be liberated being able to fully express my self plays a great part in my own success in life and journey. The more kink I have, the more open to creativity and inspiration I become. 

That said be Freee my KINKSTERS. 

Birthday week 😍👯😘💃🏼. Wednesday January 13th