Today on my way to the city in a very exciting mood and looking forward to seeing my KINKSTERS after XMas. I can't help but wonder how can we all  go on in a vanilla life? How can we be able to put a different face for other people when deep down inside we have a deep need to express our love and need for kink. I have been blessed to be able to fully express my self to those people around me... But a lot of us out there don't have the blessing to do so. And in fact each passing day we feel more and more repressed and unhappy. I wonder how can we go about our daily life routine without fulfillment of our intimate sexual desires? 

 For me as a lifestyle I honestly can't seem to be without play for more then 3 days on end without feeling the thirst and need of that experience over and over again. My intentions are to liberate all of us from that social restrictions that we have done to our selfs for not allowing our inner hunger to be free. 

Kink is a way of expressing and being free of our inner selfs. I love life and I love all of you. Thank you for reading and may this coming year 2016 be filled with lots of kink and love. 

Be free