My intentions Are!!

Hello everyone! As I am preparing for a beautiful holiday in NYC I am always thinking on how I can help humanity achieve an unconditional self of true love within their inner beings..

All I want for you out there is for you to know that I live the life 24/7 and I have always lived it. (Bdsm,kink) Ever since I was a young child, I have known that I was different, that I was feeling very aroused by my thoughts of dominance and of having slaves serve me as their rightful princess. Even at that young age, I fantasizes of having my own slave downstairs in the basement bound with cuffs and shackles. I imagined them serving my every need and catering to my most laudable whim. Whether it be bathing me or massaging my feet or putting lotion on my body, they were there to serve me.  That said I was a mistress and a lifestyle kinkster from early age and I have been ever since.

Only now I am able to manifest those childish yearnings into true reality at an adult age by having my slaves serve me. It really is a dream come true to have men relish in their desire to please me 

Yes my sensuality and looks have helped me achieve a level of possibility but the truth is that the power lies within the soul and the power of language. Just express who you truly are, KINKSTERS at heart. Be FREE