Your reality is what you create with your language and thought, and to put it into action is the freedom we so righteously as human being posses. Unfortunately it all depends what part of the world we are in that determines the level of capacity one may have to fully and gloriously attain... But for the most part we are free to express our inner desires,wishes & goals. 

Society today makes us fall into this turmoil of monotomy and self doubt due to the lack of communication between ourself with family, friends, community and significant other. All we need is to be present to the reality that we live in the Now and we have the power to create new possibilities. This is why I decided to reach out to you all and say Be Free, be free of all your doubts and constraints for you; your self are the only one in power to create something more beautiful then ever imagined.  Aceept it and embrace it my kinksters.