Why is it hard to open up to others?

Hey everyone, I have been very busy with my NYC KINKSTERS these past few days. I miss talking to you all. Wanted to also share something that has been on my mind a lot. Why is it so hard for us to be open about our sexuality if we are sexual beings by nature? 

In my opinion sex  should be considered as any consensual activity that produces sexual arousal, with or without genital intercourse or orgasm. Sex is a gift to humanity to connect energy, mind, bodies and also souls in every way possible. 

Your kink is your arousal to be open to another being in many other levels , it can be a kiss on the hands, feet, hair fetish, spanking Ect.... But all these kink activities that you are sharing and when you share with another person, frees each individual to further explore our freedom of expression and exploration of our kinks. Which can cause a great sense of pleasure and achievements and a very joyful spirit. 

I do understand most people out in the world are afraid of speaking out about theire kink and fetishes because they  afraid of the other persons reaction.... My advise to you is be open and free, speak and say it with pride that you are a kinkster and its normal to be kinky and not just want vanilla. I am saying this because I was one of those people for many years and when I finally opened up and shared it with friends family it was as if a weight have been lifted from my shoulders. I have learned that Honesty is the best policy. 

Be free my KINKSTERS.