Habits !

Tonight I want to talk about Habits. Humans are creatures of habit, and in many respects there is nothing wrong with behaving habitually. Most of us would not be able to function without some form of daily routine, and doing things like getting regular exercise generally requires developing a consistent pattern of activity. Habits are often labeled “bad,” so much so that addictions are referred to as “habits.” Of course, most habits are not addictions at all; they’re simply the way we’re accustomed to doing things— and frequently we’re accustomed to acting in certain ways because it is functional to do so. What habits share with addictions is that they can be very hard to alter.

All of that said, this tendency to behave habitually can sometimes be a problem in the context of relationships and sexuality. In life, it may not matter much to others if your habit means you either go to the gym before 9:30 or you skip it that day, but if you’re in the habit of having sex in the morning before leaving for work, and your partner is put on a midnight- to- 8:00- a.m. shift, your sex life is going to suffer unless you can alter your pattern and adapt to the change in circumstances. 

That said Be Free