I was asked to answer...

I was asked to answer the questions...And I would like to know how many of you are interested in my my Answers?  Any ways here they are... 

1- I found out when I was 6yrs old... Of course I didn't know what kink was I just knew that I was going to be a princess with a big castle, big dresses and corsets with A lot of beautiful shoes and about 8 slaves in the basement of the castle In shackles ready and waiting for me to call them to serve me as I WISHED. ( keep in mind I was 6yr old) lol.  

2: At the age of 6 lol lets just say I really enjoyed  playing mom and dad with my next door neighbor named Carlos. I had the Betty Crocker kids kitchen with the sink, oven, microwave Fake plastic bread and sunny side up eggs. Moving forward Carlos was my cooking slave and he cleaned my "Kitchen" very good because if he didn't he was going to get punished and rewarded when he preformed good. 

3: Yes I have felt sad in the sense of how can something that feels so natural and good be so condemned . Ashamed yeahhh because it's not in the missionary vanilla " rule book of right way of intimacy" lol 

4: They are my blood and if there is anyone I can be my self with... Family is first. Even if they judge who cares I'm still the best daughter, aunt, sister,Cousin,grand daughter ext.... And like I have mentioned every one likes to talk about intimacy. In the process I have found we as a family have a lot in common.

5: When I have the blessing of engaging in any BDSM activity I feel out of this world literally. I exit  to another realm. I feel connected thru passing energy and chemistry. It's like nothing else exist. And it seems like all that I was worried about has no meaning and it's so powerless and meaningless after I play kinky. Honestly after I fulfill my kinky desires all my problem disappear or are not that important anymore. 

6: Absolutely Not!!!!