Finding thy own self

Today I was asked what is it that I'm trying to do with my website, life and purpose... My answer to that was create a free intimate space of self expression where any individual no matter what ethnicity, location, statues or religion matters. 

Yes I do not have the academic credentials to establish a well supported by "society" standards as to how well qualified I am. But I do have life experiences and collectively that makes me credited because...I'm saying so and because in my gut I feel it.  

I feel the lifestyle. I feel the pain people feel when they cannot talk about their fetishes freely to their significant other or friends and family. I feel it because as a Pro-Domm I was theire. I was captive to what I stand for today. I was dominated by the fear of self expression and the liberty of experiencing life to its full potential due to lack of determination. Determination to further explore my own life and life in the Bdsm realm. 

It is easy to say IM NOT READY ... When in doubt and use that as a exit out. But deep inside every person reading this blog knows life has a greater meaning and life is such a wonderful place to be when you are true to thy self and those around you.  

Be free my fellow Kinkster. because now I am. Free to find my own inner voice.